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Understanding Market Structure Is The First Step To Price Action Trading.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Before I became profitable in trading, I learned tons of acronyms, concepts, strategies and indicators about trading. The one thing I hadn't grasped was market structure. After I learned what market structure was I started to earn money trading.

What is market structure? It is simple support and resistance levels or supply and demand zones where market has changed directions before. Market makers (financial institutions and hedge funds) like to move markets within familiar territory. About 80% of the time market reversals happen at previous support or resistance areas.

At NMKLTRADER, we will focus on knowing where these levels are in our forex course and in our NADEX course. This allows you to apply price action concepts in a whole new way. Join us at and become profitable today! #forex #forextrader #forexsignals #forextrading #nadex #nadexsignals #NMKLTrader #nadextrader #nadexeducation #forexeducation

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