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NADEX and FOREX Simplified!

I started trading FUTURES and BINARY OPTIONS on the NADEX Platform in 2011. I went through alot of online material from scams to affiliate marketers just trying to make a buck or two. I had blown a few accounts but I was determined to succeed. I went through indicators, strategies, and several educational courses to realize there is really just alot of noise out there. Once I finally became profitably on NADEX, the secret was because I found a strategy, built a traders mindset, and followed sound account management principles. After being profitable on NADEX, I began and produced an online video course called "How To Trade NADEX Profitably." Which can be found at At our courses have focused on a simple price action strategy, helping you build a traders mindset, and account management principles. Don't expect a whole lot of indicators and neet analytical tools. Certainly the best tool in the trading industry is the Japanese Candles. They give you exact traders sentiment of the market in real time. We simply teach you how to trade both NADEX and FOREX in a simplified fashion. Take advantage of what you will learn at

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