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Catching The FOREX Reversals With Acceleration!

All too many times we are trading with anticipation when that next reversal is going to be. Either we get stopped out because we are wrong or we have to wait for the market to recover back to our position so we can break even. I know it's really frustrating. I has happened to me over and over again. I have finally found a strategy that allows me to find the the reversals using the ADX, 2 EMA's and the PSAR. The ADX line shows when the market is accelerating and decelerating while the PSAR helps to point out the reversals while the 2 EMA's confirm the PSAR and the ADX. It is a winning combination and works great on 4 hour and daily chart time frames. This has allowed me to find the reversals with acceleration. To find out more about the winning strategy, watch the video above and join our community at

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